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Lady who swallowed the fly

Lady Who Swallowed A Fly

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The magic of this very popular childrens song comes alive as the old woman “swallows” the fly, then the spider, then the bird, then the cat, then the dog, then the goat, then the cow, then the horse. ” I don’t know why?”

Practically designed so the animals can be removed from a velcroved strip at the base of the old woman’s skirt . Then the story can be told all over again! The old woman’s apron can also be lifted to reveal the swallowed animals through a netted veil. The old womans apron is secured by velcrove and can be fully removed. The old lady is made with cotton material and there are three loops for hanging when the story is not being told.

As each set is hand made, each is unique.
Story of fair trade producer group accompanies each Old Womans Story Set.


Height of Old Lady is approx. 55cms
Width of Old Lady at widest point is approx. 45 cms
The sizes of the different animals, bird and insects varies.



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