Providing Children with multicultural & educational resources while helping those in need.

Go Fair Trading is a leading supplier of Aboriginal educational resources. We provide multicultural & Indigenous educational toys & resources for the early childcare sector, kindergartens and schools with the aim to help meet multicultural and educational accreditation requirements.

Aboriginal & Multicultural ResourcesWhy fair trade?

When you purchase Go Fair Trading products, you are actively supporting artists from around the world by giving them the opportunity to make a sustainable livelihood, to develop and grow their talents and skills and ultimately achieve a better way of life.
Go Fair Trading is also proud to be able to provide quality, hand-made indigenous resources from Aboriginal owned businesses operating in remote Australian communities and also artisans from the Torres Strait Islands – the team at Go Fair believe that these hand-crafted indigenous products are an ideal way with which to teach Australia’s youngest generation about the dynamic cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islands people.

Aboriginal & Multicultural Resources 2Some of our products include felt puppets, wooden toys, educational charts, wall hangings, musical instruments, Aboriginal books, Aboriginal dolls & musical instruments, Dreamtime stories, Aboriginal rugs, multicultural music and multicultural dolls from all around the world.

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Multicultural Resources for Early Years in Australia

Go Fair Trading is an organisation dedicated to providing multicultural resources for children, teachers and childcare providers. It is owned and operated by Claire Evans who is the Director of Go Fair Trading. With over 13 years of experience in the child care industry, Ms Evans holds a diploma in community services. Originally from Melbourne, Claire moved to Queensland where she eventually purchased Go Fair Trading in 2011. Today, Go Fair Trading is proud to be influencing the lives of people around the world by providing multicultural resources from around the planet while giving talented artisans a chance to actually make a living with their special skills. While we are always seeking ideas from all cultures, our specialty and focus of our passion is our commitment to developing aboriginal and multicultural education resources. After looking through our products in our website you may think you have an idea that could be developed into a product line. If so, we welcome you to submit a brief outline of your concept to us via email at If your idea has merit and potential, we will work with you to develop and market your product.

While there are many fair trade organisations operating throughout the world, at Go Fair Trading we are especially proud of our Aboriginal owned businesses that are being run by local artists that make products such as toys and learning tools that go to local childcare organisations to help children develop learning skills that are fun and appealing.

Multicultural and Aboriginal Teaching Resources

As you peruse our catalogue you will notice that there is a heavy emphasis on aboriginal wall hangings and aboriginal art resources. However, as one looks more closely at our product lineup, you will see that we also market products from small fair trading organisations all over the world. For instance, we offer a really beautiful learning game that includes a mailbag with ten envelopes from different parts of the world that have the flag of each country embroidered on them. This mailbag and envelope game is a great way to teach younger children about the concept of countries and different cultures that they may not be exposed to otherwise. This product is produced by Artisan Effort in Kolkata, India who has over one hundred and fifty people involved with this effort that supports the educational and nutritional needs of needy children in nearby Asansol.

Another area of our product line that we are very proud of is our multicultural music for children and kids of all ages. We market CDs that are rich with the music of Africa, Asia, and India. One of our more popular CDs is our collection of Native music from the Americas that include themes from the Eskimos of Northern Canada all the way down to the Cuzco tribes of Peru.

All of our products have educational as well as entertainment value and none of them defines those qualities better than our wool felt numbers. These numbers are made from the wool of Nepalese sheep and come in a variety of natural colours derived from non-toxic dyes.

Aboriginal Resources for Children and Teachers Australia

Whether you have decided on purchasing aboriginal dreamtime story’s for kids or aboriginal musical instruments among our wide selection of multicultural offerings, Go Fair Trade offers three easy ways to make your purchase online. After you have decided what items you are going to put in your shopping cart, just go to view cart at the top of the screen and choose between credit card, direct deposit or cheque. If you pay by either cheque or direct deposit Go Fair will mail your tax invoice to you via email.
If you are purchasing products for a school, simply email your purchase order to

All orders require upfront payment before we ship unless you have made prior arrangements with Go Fair management. You can be assured that all financial information is handled through our secure website and details of your account are automatically deleted after the transaction is completed. If you are ordering online we are able to process your order 24/7 while we can take phone orders during our regular business hours of nine to five. If we don’t answer the phone for some reason, please leave us a message and we will come right back to you in short order. Our phone number is +61 (0) 405 963 473 and our mailing address is PO Box 5599 Alexandra Hills QLD 4161, Australia. If for any reason you aren’t happy with your purchase we will replace it within 14 days. If we are shipping to you internationally, we will always notify you in advance of the costs involved.

Go Fair Trading Is A Member Of The  Fair Trade Association Australia & New Zealand.