Providing Children with multicultural & educational resources while helping those in need.

Nazca Dreaming Society Inc.

EFIMAGEID-10055Go Fair proudly supports this wonderful organisation. It is a not-for-profit organisation established to implement cultural exchange and environmental art projects for children. The cross-cultural communication and environmental awareness activities are facilitated in rural communities in Australia and Peru with its aim to work towards a more culturally aware and ecological sustainable world by facilitating programs that enhances children’s creative expression, environmental awareness and appreciation of cultural diversity.

Phil Pittman came up with the concept and set up the organisation after working with Kids Earth Fund Australia International not-for-profit organisation for children, where he worked for seven years as the National Coordinator facilitating their art and environmental education workshops and art exhibitions.

As a result of these life experiences, he realised the importance of teaching children the fundamental skills of observation, curiosity, and communication. He also believes in the importance of teaching them not to be afraid of making mistakes but realised mistakes provide opportunities for a fresh perspective. Furthermore, these fundamental skills enhance their self worth and sense of wonder about the world they share with others.

His vision was to create a space where children from different cultures could learn from each other through their artwork and written stories. Through his experiences, his hope is to demonstrate how an idea can come to fruition.

“All children have talents that need to be nurtured.”

Go Fair will be bringing in a range of gorgeous Peruvian dolls to support the fundraising initiative of this wonderful organisation very soon!