Providing Children with multicultural & educational resources while helping those in need.

PREDA – Philippines.

EFIMAGEID-4115PREDA stands for People’s Recovery Empowerment Development Assistance Foundation and is a human rights and social development organization based in the Philippines. It has been in operation for 34 years. The organisation’s mission is to win freedom and new life for children in jails, in brothels, in hunger, on the street, abandoned youth, those mired in poverty and battered women. Many of the artisans with PREDA have relatives who suffer from Leprosy.

PREDA helps as many as 150 children at any given time having rescued them from dire and difficult circumstances. They provide direct care at any given time in four children’s homes through high quality best practice programmes that give protection and a new start in life to many and quality education to many more.

Preda’s artisans make beautiful educational cloth toys and charts.